South Tyrol men's football team
Flag of South Tyrol
CW Rating   2165
Matches played[8]17
Goals scored
65 – 7
(3,82 – 0,41)
Infobox updated on 2018.06.15
  1. The CW Rating is transposed to a 0-100 scale, whereby the strongest team is always given a 100 score, and the weakest always a 0. Due to inactivity, the latter may not appear in the main rankings.
  2. Reflects the ability of this team to score against strong defences. Transposed to a 0-100 scale, like Overall. Teams not affiliated with a FIFA confederation are not ranked in this parameter.
  3. Reflects the ability of this team not to concede against strong attacks. Transposed to a 0-100 scale, like Overall. Teams not affiliated with a FIFA confederation are not ranked in this parameter.
  4. How good have the more recent performances been relatively to the team's history. With inactivity, this indicator tends to revert to 50 points.
  5. How many matches the team has under their belt. Competitive matches carry more weight, as do matches in recent years.
  6. Whether the team has been playing at a stable level in recent matches, or if results vary widely comparing to what is expected. Teams with less than 60 matches are not rated in this indicator.
  7. Reflects how the team's performances vary between competitions. A higher score means the team does better in competitive matches than in friendlies.
  8. Considers only matches against a rated opponent. Matches abandoned before the 75% mark (68 minutes) are not counted.
List of matches
Date Home     Away Competition Venue
2008.06.01 South Tyrol 3 0 Aromania Europeada Raetia
2008.06.02 South Tyrol 3 0 Southern Schleswig Europeada Raetia
2008.06.03 South Tyrol 7 1 Karachay Europeada Raetia
2008.06.05 South Tyrol 2 0 Occitania Europeada Raetia
2008.06.06 South Tyrol 4 0 Roma in Hungary Europeada Raetia
2008.06.07 South Tyrol 1 0 Croats in Serbia Europeada Raetia
2012.06.17 South Tyrol 8 0 Germans in Hungary Europeada Sorbia
2012.06.18 South Tyrol 3 0 Karachay Europeada Sorbia
2012.06.21 South Tyrol 3 0 Occitania Europeada Sorbia
2012.06.22 South Tyrol 4 0 Croats in Serbia Europeada Sorbia
2012.06.23 South Tyrol 3 1 Roma in Hungary Europeada Sorbia
2016.06.19 South Tyrol 3 0 Ellan Vannin Europeada South Tyrol
2016.06.20 South Tyrol 3 1 Germans in Poland Europeada South Tyrol
2016.06.21 South Tyrol 8 2 North Frisia Europeada South Tyrol
2016.06.23 South Tyrol 6 1 Hungarians in Romania Europeada South Tyrol
2016.06.24 South Tyrol 2 0 Carinthian Slovenes Europeada South Tyrol
2016.06.25 South Tyrol 2 1 Occitania Europeada South Tyrol